To build a better future and to create more delightful moments.

We are working to make the world a better place and improve the quality of life for all human beings. 
We would work as a guardian of healthy lifestyle who always stands by your side when you are faced with health challenges and tries to create more delightful moments in your life. 

【REDPINE Vision】

To build a better future and to create more delightful moments.

【REDPINE Mission】

To care about lives and improve the well-being of human.

Although we are a relatively new company in the MIS field, we have immense potential as we have been trying to grab every opportunity to make positive changes that help to improve our solutions for medical businesses. With our mission of life care in mind, we will keep working for healthier life and more happiness in human societies.

  • Patients

    We are fully aware of the importance of attending to patients' needs. In this respect, we are trying to make our products safer and services more pleasurable with constant upgrades and improvements so as to optimize the patient experience in hospitals.

  • Society

    To make our contribution to the development of our society, we provide the latest medical solutions with advanced results of scientific research. Moreover, we provide professional medical assistance and hold activities such as charity campaigns to improve people's sense of happiness

  • Life

    Our care for lives underlies the entire development and production process of our products. We are working to devote ourselves to the great cause of building a better world and to contribute our wisdom to the improvement of public health.

Core Values

To care and to love, to strive for multi-dimensional innovation, to unite as one, to empathize with each other, to create benefits that are shared by all, to be honest and responsible.

The core values of our company are what we expect of  the co-founders and the employees. They are the guidelines of our daily behaviors and our decision making.



    We are never complacent and persistently striving for multi-dimensional innovation.   



    We unite as one for shared aspirations.



    We are striving to become a trusted company with our commitment to integrity, promises and responsibilities.



    We put ourselves in the shoes of our partners and aim for win-win cooperation.

REDPINE has always been maintaining the following  values no matter what we do:

1. To show care for everyone around us; 

2. To strive for multi-dimensional innovation; 

3. The entire company should stand united and try to understand each other and help each other make achievements;

4. To conduct business ethics in an honest manner.