Education & Training

We provide education and training to help our employees break the barriers of knowledge sharing and expand their medical knowledge.

Hospital Academic Training

Academic exchanges and training are of vital importance, as they promote the development of medical technology, and participants in such events are given access to cutting-edge information and the latest trends in the medical field as well as other related fields.

  • Hospital Academic Training

    During academic trainings, we may see collision of ideas that would later boost the development of the medical industry. What is more, such events may enable participants to broaden their horizons and find inspiration for research and investment. Those trainings will take place regularly at a MIS training center we are about to build, and we will strive to establish a complete academic training system. We are ready to make our own contribute to the ambitious course of pursuing for medical innovation and improving the academic standard of medicine and medical services.

    In the near future, we will work with some hospitals on providing chances of training and academic exchanges to of medical professionals so as to improve their knowledge and the integrated service capabilities of the hospitals. It has long been our goal to optimize the overall quality of medical services in China.

    The development of medical technology innovation is a dynamic process. In the future, we will continue to improve the academic training system and our training center, which will work as an excellent platform for academic exchanges. Furthermore, we will spare no effort to make sure that our trainings are in-depth and lasting. What we are about to do will give a strong boost to the development of the overall quality of healthcare and a better world.

REDPINE In-house Training

We arrange trainings on medical products for front-line departments (e.g. sales department, marketing department and customer service department) to build their capability for product promotion and customer service. Regularly performance assessments are used to make sure that our employees are meeting our expectations and encourage them to make improvement and strive for innovation.

The product training,which is given in multiple forms, covers several key topics.

  • R&D

  • Clinical

  • Marketing

Training Programs: We Invest in the Growth of Our Employees

Here are what we will work on:

1. To establish a training system that meets the need of our company and contributes to the overall improvement of employee performance;

2. To make a detailed plan of the training programs based on the development strategies of our company;

3. To develop more training channels and explore potential sources for training programs;

4. To offer training programs of our own brand;

5. To tailor training programs for employees of different rankings. The training programs may include: Induction Training for New Employees, Training Programs for Newly Promoted Employees and Training Programs for Mid-level Managers.

  • Induction Training for New Employees

  • Training Programs for Newly Promoted Employees

  • Training Programs for Mid-level Managers