REDPINE always cares about you.

A healthy body is a prerequisite for a happy life.

Social Welfare

As our core mission is to show care and love, we are actively engaged in public welfare undertakings, trying to bring more positive influences to the society.

Healthcare Business

Our healthcare business plays a direct and important role in the protection of human health.

Social Welfare

Our social welfare efforts aim to improve the health of people in need and are playing a key role in bringing them a better life.


Whatever we do, either doing healthcare business as a part of the medical technology industry or contributing to social welfare, we show care and love for each individual in the society. We believe that this is how we fulfill our core mission and help to promote the overall well-being of mankind .

REDPINE always cares about you.

We are actively involved in public welfare activities organized by hospitals at all levels and medical professionals in a synergistic fashion, such as offering equipments as required and other necessary support. We hope to offer both physical and psychological help. For those who lack access to quality medical services, we give them courage and strong faith to face health challenges.