Company Profile

Founded in 2015 in Guangzhou International Biological Island, REDPINE is a medical technology company that provides complete solutions for medical business.

REDPINE is committed to improving the medical environment and the accessibility of medical services. Based on current clinical needs and the latest development trends of medical technologies, we are able to provide innovative and complete medical solutions for detection, diagnosis and treatment with some of the most cutting-edge research and development technologies and advanced service philosophies. We would like to work together with all medical workers, medical institutions and other partners for healthier life and more happiness in human societies


    We focus on the research and development and production of single-use Class IIIMIS devices, mainly endoscopes for urology and gynecology. Despite the fact that we are a relatively new company in the MIS field, we are highly potential and have obtained a huge amount of venture capital investment from well-known venture capitalists in the medical industry.


    With a team of experienced healthcare professionals working as our consultants, we are in a continuous pursuit for innovation, trying to provide solutions that are more comprehensive and ideal for the research and development of medical equipments. Besides, we have established our own quality management system based on the ISO13485 Medical Devices Quality Systems. We boast advanced equipments for production, high precision devices for testing and a great working environment with a professional GMP factory and a standard development and production line for endoscopes.